Sunday, August 1, 2010

What Is the Encyclopedia of Digression (EOD)?

Magnetism and the World
I'm now attempting to host the file from my LiveSpace (Microsoft) web site, but it still seems to fail. I believe you can now download the file and then play it offline. Please try and let me know. Anyone? Anyone? Anyone...?

-- Technical Difficulties --

It looks like Firefox definitely has a problem with the attempt at the embedded sound file.
And it also looks like clicking the link doesn't work either.
So, try a right-click and then a Save Target As... Then you can save the .MP3 file and listen to it until I get this all worked out. The file is hosted at Microsoft's and has an extremely long weird URL.
Magnetism and the World -- (click here) Clicking the previous link should start your default media player.

Or hopefully you can press the play button on the embedded player below.

Keep on learning, keep on writing,

~Newton Saber